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Blog posting boost Small Business SEO

Small business SEO blog posting

Many small businesses think blogging is too time consuming and provides little benefits and I can certainly understand where they are coming from. The problem of writing a 300 to 500 word past every day or week can often fill business owners with dread. It may be hard work but regular blog posting can be very effective at driving new customers and helping your overall small business SEO.

Blog post can help Small Business SEO

Tips to get your small business blogging like a SEO master

Target longer tailed keywords. There is very little point using your blog post to target short tailed, highly competitive keywords. By doing this you are likely to end up just repeating the same words and content day after day for little or no results. Target longer tailed keywords that are more likely to convert. Here is a good example of this using a local plumber. Rather that writing a post that will target the word “plumber” write one on boiler breakdowns and how calling a local plumber can be more cost effective than using a national firm. By doing this you will be able to target many keywords and it will be easier to write.

Relevant linking for SEO

As a small local business owner you probably know many other small business men and women in related trades. So when optimising your blog post for SEO place a link to their website within your blog. This will help your potential customer by making easy to find the related businesses they need and is good SEO practice. A good example of this would be a link to a local painter and decorator in a post about burst pipes.

Internal Linking

There is still a lot of debate about how many internal links you should use in a blog post. My recommendation would be to use no more than 2 or 3 per post. Use 1 link back to a page you are targeting on your website, and the other 1 or 2 to other relevant blog posts or pages. This will keep customers on your site without it looking like you have linked every other word.

Optimise your images

Adding an image can really make your blog post stand out, but remember that Google can’t see your image and relies on you telling it what the image is about. Always use a full and well written description in the alt tag as well as a title to give more information to your customer.

The 3 Steps of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be looked at as a 3 step process, each of these 3 steps is a very distinct part, and you will find that your campaign will be successful unless you complete all three.

3 steps SEO

The first step in the process is choosing your keywords that you want to target. To do this successfully you should start by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and think, what would they type in if they were looking to buy the products or services you sell. Once you have some ideas you should look at how competitive the keyword term is, as getting your website to rank on the first page for a very competitive short tailed term such as “photographer” could take many month or even over a year. This would normally be too long to wait for a small business to see a return on their investment in SEO. Alternatively selecting a longer tailed keyword such as “wedding photographer in Newcastle” that has a much lower level of competitiveness could see you rank on the first page within a couple of months. This longer tailed keyword would also be more like to send traffic that you can convert into a sale.

The Second Step is onpage SEO. As far as Google is concerned “Content is King” so making sure that you have high quality, unique and engaging content that supports your chosen keywords is very important. If you don’t mention on your website that you offer “wedding photography packages in Newcastle” Google not see your website as relevant for that search and ranking on the first page will be impossible. The Google Panda update was launched to act as a quality score for the content of your website, so make sure you do not have any duplicate content, headers or titles.

The third step is link building. This part of SEO has probably seen the biggest change of the last couple of years thank to the launch of the Google Penguin Update. Before Penguin link building was all about getting the maximum number of links to your website. It was almost as simple as the more links you had the higher you would rank, but now that has all changed. Back links can now have a positive or negative effect on your ranking depending on how Google sees them. Google is looking for a natural profile in your links, so getting a ton of links one month and then nothing for a few months would be like waving a big red flag at Google. Link quantity is no longer as quality, so a few very high quality links is the way to go. Multi tiered link building is used to build a small number of links from high quality places. The links are then made more valuable by building links to them. This way the number and quality of the link pointing at your website can be controlled. This also has another advantage, Brand management. By building links to your pages such as facebook and twitter you can get them to rank for your company name. This can allow you to capture many of the first 10 places in Google for your name and stop your competitors from hang on your coat tails.

UK SEO Companies: A Stepping Stone to Success

The internet is constantly evolving and so are the algorithms that the search engines use to rank websites. People are becoming more and more dependent on the internet for shopping, banking social communication. This growth is only likely to continue to increase even further over the coming years. Many businesses have also become heavily dependent on the internet for driving new customers to them, especially ecommerce businesses. Many of which have built successful businesses thanks to the large numbers of visitors that SEO can deliver. When choosing from the vast number UK SEO companies there are many factors to take in to account. Below are some of the questions you should be asking before taking on a new SEO company:

When you select a SEO firm, first and foremost you must make sure they have a full understanding of your products and services as well as understand what drives your customers.

With all the new Google update it is important to ensure any SEO companies you are thing of using will always work by following the latest ethical techniques and webmaster guidelines.

That any SEO service is fully structured with clearly defined goals and target so that you can easily measure the success or failure of the campaign.

When you are thinking about investing your hard-earned money in hiring an SEO firm, then look at the above points so that you can be clear from the beginning that your decision will result in a return on your investment. Black Hat SEO techniques can bring faster results, but may hamper your business in the search engines as new updates are released. So always go for reputable and certified company who has proven track record of delivering best services.

Increase Your Web Presence & Profits with UK SEO

If you are based in UK and planning to start up a new online business, then you will be please to know that the UK has one of the highest percentage of population that use the internet to buy their products and services. The down side to this, if there is one, is that there is also a large amount of competition in almost every sector and getting your new website above the existing ones and in front of all these potential customers will take an effective and creative SEO program. There many companies offer UK SEO services, so you may find it difficult to choose between them. SO when deciding on which company is best placed to supply you with SEO in UK services look for a company like Search Elevation who not only understand SEO but the processes of launching and operating a successful online business.

  • Any SEO firm you select for your business should have a proven track record of delivering positive results.

  • Good SEO takes time, so it is important that you are happy to work with your chosen company of the long term. Choosing a SEO company that does not understand your business or the way you want it to progress will make this long term relationship more difficult.

  • As a web owner, your first focus should be on ROI rather than simply price. SEO is a time consuming process so getting the best value for your marketing budget should be the focus.

As we all know “Rome was not built in a day”. Likewise SEO is a slow and steady process. You should expect to see good results slowly rather than spontaneously. In the race for search engine ranking the tortoise will always beat the hare.

The SEO Price is Right

How much does SEO cost? What price should we be paying for our SEO? These are two of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked by prospective customers. Well unfortunately these questions are very difficult to answer, as it depends on so many factors like the competitiveness of the keywords, number of back links and how the Google Panda rates your site. But perhaps the best answer is to change the question. Rather than “How much does SEO cost?” or “What price should we be paying for our SEO?” try asking “How profitable is SEO?” The answer to this question is much simpler “Very”, and at the end of the day, getting a return on your investment is the most important result you are looking for.

SEO takes time and effort but when done correctly, it will deliver one of the most cost effective ways of driving new traffic to your website and increasing sales. So keeping the cost of your SEO down is also very important as the better the value you get from your SEO the easier it will be to get a return on your money.

The Search Elevation SEO strategy is to achieve the best value SEO by combining the low cost SEO packages with high numbers of keyword targets. This combination give our customers the best results at the cheapest prices.

No Contract, flexibility is just as important as affordability in a modern SEO package which is why Search Elevation does not tie customers in to long term contracts. This allows our customers to sure that we deliver results.

Why Content is King for Search Engine Marketing ?

When you are thinking of a new website for your business, you are targeting the design aspect that will attract customers, but actually your potential customers can’t see you without a strong web presence. If you want to rank high in major search engines like Google, you need a good Search Engine Optimisation Service as a major search engine like Google are changing their algorithms all the time. Since 2011 Google have upgraded Panda, Penguin many times and have now launched their latest update, Hummingbird.

These sorts of changes are made to stop the spammers. Google need to see good content that should be well written, unique and interesting. Ultimately this will get more traffic and business for your website. Due to these changes in the algorithms, a content optimisation approach is now being followed by SEO companies.

Having a perfect content strategy can help a lot in getting relevant keywords to rank and in driving traffic to your site. In addition to keywords, you need to prepare activity schedule for each month. Creating good content for your site through the use of Blogs, Articles etc. as well as using high quality content on every page. You need to manage your calendar so to post regularly to your social media accounts.

By promoting your social media you may get many more links to your site. The key strategy is to engage your reader and give them the information they need. This will ultimately increase sales and revenue for your business. If you are still in doubt just visit

UK SEO Companies : A Reinforcement Plan for Your Business

Are you an online company based in the UK that is planning to start an SEO package? If so you will be happy to know that the UK SEO industry has been at the cutting edge of Search engine optimisation from the beginning, delivering some of the best and most cost effective SEO packages anywhere in the world. UK SEO companies like Search Elevation have all the knowledge needed to help you to be ranked highly in your chosen market or industry. You can also take the advice from a our professional Internet marketing consultant to ensure that the company is following best practises so that you do not fall foul of Googles penalties.

Let’s have a look at some tips which can guide you when choosing a SEO company.

  • The SEO company company you choose for your business should have a proven track record.

  • Always check that the company you are looking at follows the 3 step of SEO, keyword research, On-page analisis and multi-tiered link building.

  • One of the best way to start is by comparing the packages offered by different online Internet marketing companies and the number of keywords they target for the money they charge.

  • Stay away from the unethical companies that will not explain their SEO process.

  • Try to be clear and specific about your objectives so that you can recommend a package that meet your needs and budget.

SEO is a slow and steady process, so don’t expect improbable and short term results from the company you choose. Employing SEO services for your business that make claims of instant results should be avoided at all costs. Ethical SEO takes time and it will take three to four months to see positive results.

Complete SEO Package At Cut-Prices

According to a recent survey, there has been a massive growth in companies signing up to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages. This has followed the increase in worldwide internet users and the growth in new websites being published.

The main focus of SEO is to increase the number of customers visiting your website that are looking to buy a product or service you sell.

Our target is to elevate your rankings in SERP’s to drive this increased traffic and deliver a return on their investment.

Now you will be thinking about the cost and whether you can afford it. well, has some of the lowest SEO package prices in the UK and packages designed to fit all budgets.

These SEO packages will take your business to then next level of turnover and profitability, so why not join the growing number of companies that are seeing their sales and businesses grow with Search Elevation.

To discuss which one of our low cost SEO packages is right for your business, call us on 01293 853452 and we will produce you a full SEO report absolutely FREE of charge.

Search Elevation for page 1 results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Who is the #1 Search Engine Optimisation Company in UK?

Do you know that your potential customers may not able to find you in search engines like Google. Simply having a website does not mean that you will be able to boost your businesses performance. You need a platform that will improve your brand image and ultimately help to grow your business. The formula is to develop your on-line marketing campaign and elevate your website in the search results.

The whole process is known as SEO that improves visibility of your website in search engines like Google, Bing etc. If you are looking for an expert company that provides comprehensive and cost-effective search engine optimisation in the UK, then you are advised to look at who can help you in getting,

– Greater visibility in search engines

– Getting more visitors

– More inquiries

The company is considered to be the number 1 company in delivering search engine optimisation in the UK.When you are on the way of taking the decision to have SEO, its a great decision and you can get the beneficial effects through Social Media Optimisation, PPC, CRO for your site. This is a wider Internet marketing strategy that ensures your appearance in search engines and a better turn over from your business.

Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Service In UK

We have a set of question that may take you to take an effective decision regarding your website promotion and ranking. Do you think about more visitors for your site? Want to be branded? Need more inquiries? Want to increase sales?

People search for products and services everyday and your product may be one of them. The amount of business you are expecting is not satisfactory due to the distance between your customers and website. This is the reason you should switch to a remedy through search engine optimisation service that integrates your products with the potential customers.

This process ensures more traffic to your site and help people find your site easily when they search in major search engines. The main utility of this service is to heighten the number of visitors, meliorate on-line brand visibility, high ROI and stable result in an ethical way. is one of the leading search engine optimisation service provider in UK that follows a different approach of SEO along flexible package according to the need of the business. This strategy helps you in getting expert service within a minimal cost. The complete area covers SMO, PPC, SEO along other services. Visit the site to have a complete website audit for FREE.

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