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Does my business need a website?

Well the short answer to this question is YES. It does not matter these days what business you are in, a website is an essential part of your business and not having one could be costing your business money.

Let’s face it the days of people searching through a big yellow book to find a plumber has gone the way of the Dodo. Most people in this country now use Google to find everything they need, whether it’s on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. So not having access to these customers mean your business is missing out.

Having a website is now as important as having a phone number; in fact some people believe that it is more important as it is available to your customers 24 hours a day. Your business website is your company’s main advert, telling your customers what you do, where you are and when you are open.

The secret is not to just have a website but to have a great website that is ranked highly by Google. Having a website that no one visits is just as bad as not having a website at all. Getting potential customers to your website is all about how search engines like Google see your site, so making sure your site is fully optimised is very important. There is no point having a website for a plumber based in Bath if it does not appear in the first page of results when some searches for a plumber in Bath.

So the real question you should be asking is not does my business need a website? But does my business need a website that will bring me new customers and generate me sales. specializes in getting your website ranked in search engines for phrases that will actually increase your enquirers and get you new customers and can advise on what type of website is right for your business.

Free SEO report

Free SEO report

Claim your Free SEO (search engine optimisation) website report from SearchElevation and find out what SEO Steps you really need to be taking to elevate your website in the search ranking and drive high quality traffic to your site.

We will fully analyse your website and produce you a comprehensive SEO audit report detailing the many factors that are affecting the way search engines see and rank your website in the organic search results. Correcting the issues highlighted within this free SEO report can see the number of visitors to your website increase significantly.

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Although this is a detailed SEO report, fixing many of the issues can be accomplish quickly and simply. We are also available should you wish to discuss the report’s findings and the best way to rectify to make your website more search engine friendly by fully optimising page titles, headers and your content.

This full SEO report will look at factors such as:
Search volumes
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