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How much does SEO cost? What price should we be paying for our SEO? These are two of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked by prospective customers. Well unfortunately these questions are very difficult to answer, as it depends on so many factors like the competitiveness of the keywords, number of back links and how the Google Panda rates your site. But perhaps the best answer is to change the question. Rather than “How much does SEO cost?” or “What price should we be paying for our SEO?” try asking “How profitable is SEO?” The answer to this question is much simpler “Very”, and at the end of the day, getting a return on your investment is the most important result you are looking for.

SEO takes time and effort but when done correctly, it will deliver one of the most cost effective ways of driving new traffic to your website and increasing sales. So keeping the cost of your SEO down is also very important as the better the value you get from your SEO the easier it will be to get a return on your money.

The Search Elevation SEO strategy is to achieve the best value SEO by combining the low cost SEO packages with high numbers of keyword targets. This combination give our customers the best results at the cheapest prices.

No Contract, flexibility is just as important as affordability in a modern SEO package which is why Search Elevation does not tie customers in to long term contracts. This allows our customers to sure that we deliver results.

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