Free SERP’s Rank Checker

Measuring the effectiveness of your SEO services is one of the most important factors in any successful campaign. If you do not know the position of a keyword in Google at the start of the campaign then there is no way to judge if your SEO activates are having a positive effect. Most SEO companies do not include a Free SERP’s rank checker in their package and there are two reasons for this. Firstly there is cost, running a daily ranking check for all client keywords takes a lot resources. Secondly, many SEO companies do not offer it as they don’t want customers to see that their SEO services is not having the desired effect and elevating their keywords.

Free Daily SERP's Rank Checker is included in all Search Elevation SEO packages

Website Audit Report

As part of our online SEO reporting system we also include full access to our site wide audit tool. This tool analyses 45 different SEO factors that Google looks at when calculating your ranking positions. By fixing the errors highlighted in this tool, your website will be in perfect shape to be elevated on to page 1.

Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Google offers an amazing amount of information to website owners in these two Free products. The problem is that the data is not all in the same place. If you add our system to your Google account it will pull all the information into it allow you to view all your website data in one place.

Backlink Report

Our reporting tool doesn’t just monitor keyword rankings, it also provides a full report on the backlinks that point at your website.

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