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Are you making the most of your website?

Your website is a very powerful business tool when used correctly. It’s great for attracting new customers and improving the number of repeat sales, but it can only do this if customers, new & old can find it easily. Your website is just like any other advert, if no one sees it then it won’t deliver any inquires or make you any sales.


The problem with standard advertising both online and real world, is that the more visible the advert has the more money it costs. While this does not matter very much to large companies, small businesses do not tend to have large ring fenced marketing budgets. This means it is very import for small business to find a low cost marketing option that delivers them a return on investment. The answer is simple and low cost, the answer is SEO. By making sure your website appears on page 1 of Google organic and local search results for your selected search terms, Google can drive thousands of new potential customers to your website. This is simply one of the most cost effective ways to increase your website traffic as you do not have to pay for each click as you would do with a PPC campaign like ADwords. Making your small business website a success is as simple as choosing the right SEO package that best fits your budget from Search Elevation. We have packages that suite all types of small businesses and our prices start from only £99.99 p/m

No Contract SEO

Search Elevation offers no contract affordable SEO packages that are especially design to meet the needs of small and local businesses and because our prices start from only £99.99 per month they are perfect for small business that are looking to grow on a budget. By getting your business on to the first page of Google organics and local search for their chosen search terms we can elevate your website traffic and deliver the increase in sales you need to grow.

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