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                  New SEO for a new Google updates. Search Metric is the way SEO should be conducted in 2016.

Google is constantly changing the way it ranks websites, so to keep pace, SEO services need to change and adapt to match Google’s search algorithm. Google now using website search metrics as part of its ranking algorithm, this means that the way searcher interact with your website will, in part, affect your ranking positions.

The 3 Metrics Google is Looking For

CTR – Click Through Rate. This statistic is the percentage of search that clicks on your website in the results. The higher your CTR the more Google will see your website as relevant to the search term and reward it with higher rankings.

Bounce Rate – With this metric, Google is looking at engagement. If a search clicks through to your website and the leaves straight away, Google will determine that your content did not engage the searcher. Google like to see visitors not only stay on your website for a few minutes but click through to other pages. This shows them the your website as a whole is relevant to the topic being searched for.

Back Clicking – Possibly the most important metric as far as Google is concerned, if a search clicks through to your website but then clicks straight back to the search results, Google will think that your website does not offer search what they are looking for. Google will then start to lower your rankings, in effect penalising your website for a lack of relevance.

Real Time Ranking Boost

So how to resolve this chicken & egg situation, well we have the perfect SEO strategy. Search Metric SEO. With our blogger outreach & press release SEO packages, we create new content that search will really want to read, this will encourage them to click through and stay on your website. This will then increase your search metrics and improve your keyword rankings.

Getting Page 1 Results

By adding internal links within the new content we can help readers find additional content on your website which keeps them on your website for longer and helps Elevating your rankings. Search Elevation SEO packages are focused on keeping the costs down so that all types of businesses can take advantage of these services which start from only £59 per month.

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