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Many SEO companies say they offer Guarantees, but most are meaningless or in some cases just a logo with no details behind it. Search Elevation offers a different approach to Guaranteed SEO. All our SEO packages are NO CONTRACT and this means that we have to elevate your website ranking or you’re not going to keep paying us. We believe that no company should be tied into a SEO service that just isn’t working for them. In addition to this No Contract SEO, we also offer our 90 day Elevation SEO guarantee.

      Guaranteed SEO packages. We will improve your website rankings in Google

SEO with a Guaranteed Improvement in Rankings

Our SEO guarantee is built in to the way we work, by giving Google what it is looking for we can guarantee Google will elevate your website. All of our small business SEO packages start with on site SEO. First we review your website and look for any problems that are stopping Google from ranking your website properly and on the first page. We then make sure that your targeted web pages fully support your chosen keywords. We also look at many other factors that Google uses to calculate the ranking positions in the search results. From this data, we will produce a list of recommendations and changes that are needed for your website to rank properly in the search results. Once these are complete and Google is seeing your website correctly we can start elevating your keywords. Our Guarantee is that if, once these changes have been made, you do not see an improvement in your rankings in 90 days we will continue to work on your website SEO for FREE. This Free period will last up to 90 days or until we have improved your rankings in Google. This way you know that we are going to do everything possible to elevate your rankings in Google and keep you as a customer.

Benchmarking & Reporting

No SEO guarantee or service is worth anything if you can’t see and measure the results. As part of our SEO services, we provide access to our independent rank checker tools. When we set up your campaign it will record the current positions for your SEO keywords in both Google and Bing. This way you can easily check the progress of your campaign day or night. All our customers receive full 24/7 unlimited access to this comprehensive SEO tool, so you will always be able to see the benefits of Search Elevation SEO package and check that we are meeting our SEO guarantee.

Why we Offer Guaranteed SEO

We looked at a lot of cheap SEO packages and services that are being offered to small and medium size businesses to see how they worked and the results they should be delivering. We were surprised that most cheap SEO packages did not include any type of ranking reporting for their customers. This means that they and their customers do not even know if their cheap SEO works, let alone increases any of their rankings. By including in to our SEO packages a fully independent SERP’s rank checker, not only did our customers start to see the improvement in their ranking positions but we have been able to use the data to create our Elevation SEO Guarantee.

Simply put, we have seen how our SEO strategy can Elevate your website rankings and because of this we are happy to be able to Guarantee it.

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