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Small Business Internet Marketing – All small business need to attract new customers in order to grow or even survive, but finding the best and most affordable way to do this can be amazingly difficult, especially when you only have a very small marketing budget. For most small businesses, any money spent on marketing will come straight out of the owner’s pocket, so ensuring that it delivers a return is crucial. So what is the best way to get these new customers? Well Google is the unsurprising answer, almost everyone uses it these days and if you are going to be successful online then you need to appear on page 1 of the search results for the phrases that your potential customers are searching for. Let’s face it, the days of customers looking in a big yellow book have long gone.

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SEO services for Small Business

To achieve these all important page 1 results for your website you are going to need a SEO Service, preferably one that has been designed for small businesses. By choosing a SEO company like Search Elevation that has over 10 years experience in the field of Small Business SEO and has the ability to deliver successful organic and local SEO campaigns that are focused on achieving page 1 positions and delivering a return on investment (ROI) that all small businesses require.

Small Business SEO is split into two main parts, On-page and Off-page SEO, and both parts have to be completed if you want to appear on page 1. On-page SEO deals with your website, all the link building in the world will not get you to page 1 if your webpage does not fully support your chosen keywords. This is why we start by reviewing your website and recommending the changes that will be most effective. These changes will be focused around your page titles, headers and images and will normally be simple enough for most website owners to complete in around 1 hour.

Off-page SEO is an ongoing process and involves building backlinks or citations from relevant content hosted on high authority websites. We then, further increase the value of these pages by building second tier links to them. In this way we can ensure that your link profile is relevant to your subject. Diversity, so that your link profile is seen as natural we build links using many more terms than just your keywords. We typically aim to build 36% of links with your keywords, 24% with your keywords and a random prefix/suffixes, and 40% with random phrases like “click here” & “read more”.

Local search results, Google calculates these ranking differently to it organic search results. They look at your location and also how many of your company’s NAP (Name Address Phone Number) citations appear on different web pages. As part of our local SEO package we focus purely on these citations which include your NAP details on raise your websites profile and achieve elevated ranks in the local search results.

Affordable Small Business SEO Packages

We understand the needs of small businesses which is why we have priced our Small business SEO packages so that they affordable for every type of small business. No matter whether you are a local trades person, a local shop or restaurant we have the right SEO Services at the right prices for your business. Our local SEO prices start from only £99.99 per month which means for most businesses they would only need to receive 1 or 2 new customers per month for our SEO service to pay for itself.

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